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Legal Tech Copywriting Services & Prices List

This is a general list of professional writing services I offer along with their general prices. If there’s a theme at all, it is that, in general:

  • These are my general service offerings. If you need something other than what’s listed here, let’s discuss it. Chances are, I’m up for it. If I can’t complete your project for you, I will try to recommend someone who can.
  • These are the general price ranges for my professional writing services, with the lowest price as a minimum for the easiest projects.

The cost of your project may fall at the low end, the high end, or even completely off the chart depending on:

  • The topic’s complexity
  • The amount of research required
  • The length of the piece requested
  • How many sources you want cited in the piece
  • Whether I need to perform interviews
  • Expected turnaround times and due dates
  • Too many other factors that are unique to each project to list

If you don’t see what you need on this list or need to discuss a project in detail to get a customized quote, reach out to me.

Are you unsure what types of writing services you need? Let’s discuss your goals. We’ll determine the best content to create to reach those goals. Usually, we can – and should – reach audiences in several different ways to meet our goals. Generally, a multi-channel approach to content distribution is the best way to be seen and heard by the greatest number of prospects.

Expected Turnaround Times

If you know exactly what you want, that’s great! Let’s start planning ASAP.

Generally (there’s that word again), I can start writing a new project within two weeks of receiving complete details and instructions from you through my Client Briefing form, my Project Briefing form or alternate communications.

Of course, the time it takes to complete a project depends on its length, its depth, how responsive you and other parties are or aren’t, and so on.

If you want to see the standard rates for freelance writing services like mine, check out the American Writers & Artists, Inc. Copywriting Pricing Guide.

Legal Tech Writing Services Minimum Pricing Guide

Thought Leadership

White paper (2,500+ words) $3,000 – $5,000+
eBooks, Guides  (1,500+ words) $1,500 – $5,000+


Brochure copy $350+ per panel
Customer case study (1,200+ words)
(Includes up to 1 hour of client interviews)

Online Content

Website copy (Home, About, FAQs, etc.) $500+ per page

Executive or Firm Bio (includes phones interview if needed)

Blog post (~800 words, minimal research)


Blog post (1,000+ words, minimal research)

Blog post (~800 words, more extensive research)

Blog post (1,000+ words, more extensive research)

Twitter posts

LinkedIn posts






$150 for 3

$75 ea. 

Lead Generation & Email

Sales page / Landing page copy
(Includes call-to-action copy)
Auto-responder email, single $175+
Auto-responder email, series of 3 $475+
Email – short (~ 300 words)
(includes subject line)
Email – long  (300+ words)
(includes subject line)
E-newsletter article (500-750 words) $275

Direct Mail

Sales letter (1-2 page letter) $500+
Postcard/Mailer $300+
One-page flyer $450+

Copy Editing

Copy editing (grammar, punctuation, proper use of language) $250 per 1,000 words
Copy editing (include rewriting for structure, flow, consistency, etc.) Email for quote


Consulting (strategics, attending meetings, coordinating, additional interviews, and other non-writing activities) $85 – $125 per hour