Sales Handout: The Real Low Down

Leah Presser Flyers, Sales Pages

My client needed an eye-catching flyer to hand out at conferences. We need to catch the attention of personal injury attorneys and let them know we understand their struggles and concerns regarding records retrieval services. We also need to get them to take advantage of the compelling offer for free services. And we need to do so with as few words as possible. No one wants to read walls of text online or on a flyer. …

Sales Page/Handout

Leah Presser Flyers, Sales Pages

If you’re headed to a convention or industry event, make sure to take along printed materials you can hand out to potential leads. Here is a sales page created for a legal support service provider. The writing is specifically targeted to attorneys who are positioned as a hero who gets to offer his/her struggling staff a better way.

Flyer for legal tech

Flyer: Legal Tech Announcement

Leah Presser Flyers

When a medical record requesting service provider needed to generate excitement for proprietary legal software in development, we created this flyer to include in their current mailings to medical providers. The goal was to elicit curiosity and get healthcare providers to go to a landing page to sign up for advanced notice of the software’s release.