Case Study: Contract Management Software and Supplier Management

Leah PresserCase Study

I’ve anonymized the details in this case study that describes how a modern-day contract lifecycle management software transformed an airport concierge service vendor’s operations. The case study is presented in a Challenge-Solutions-Benefits format that brings readers into the immediacy of the situation and tells a story they can relate to. The liberal use of quotes allows my client’s customer to tell the story in their own words, which is important for how it resonates more …

Legal Matter Management Platform Case Study

Leah PresserCase Study

My client offers flexible legal matter management. Their client operates in the blockchain industry — a legally complex, fast-developing, and highly competitive global financial industry. The legal framework surrounding blockchain and digital assets is unclear, and the vast regulatory environment is continuously evolving. Among other concerns, the company’s legal team of two lawyers must deal with a complex maze of federal securities, commodities, and derivatives trading laws, federal anti-money-laundering statutes, and state statutes governing money …

Legal Tech Case Study: Timekeeping Software

Leah PresserCase Study

I’ve anonymized the details in the case study below. It’s another example of how we can make a case study more engaging by taking a storytelling approach. Yes, we can produce standard case studies, too. In fact, we can produce several pieces of content including fantastic social media posts, just from the information learned while creating a case study. It’s a valuable investment! If a PDF doesn’t appear below, please refresh your screen.  

Case Study: eDiscovery for FOIA Requests

Leah PresserCase Study, Content Writing

This is, admittedly, a non-traditional case study. I included a mix of facts, statistics, quotes, and anecdotes to show – rather than tell – how an ediscovery technology company helps its business partners meet the FOIA challenges their clients face. A PDF of the piece should appear below. If it doesn’t, please refresh your screen.

Case Study: FirstBank Brings eDiscovery InHouse

Leah PresserCase Study

This case study was derived from a webinar. It uses language to entice readers to watch the webinar and learn more about the ediscovery challenges counsel at FirstBank faced, the strategies they used to reduce outside legal spend, and how those transformed the legal department into a corporate asset. At the same time, the legal technology vendor was able to use this content as a case study because it presents detailed data that shows specifically …