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Legal Tech Writing Price List

General Services Price Guide

Here are many of the writing services I offer and their general price points. Essential information to know:

The prices are approximate. Actual costs may vary depending on:

  • The topic’s complexity
  • The amount of research required
  • Requested turnaround times
  • Other factors unique to each project

The prices apply to content I write from a brief and outline you provide.

  • If you need content strategy and planning services to get you to this point, I may be able to help you or direct you to a marketer who can.
  • The more complete and cohesive the briefing and outline you provide, the less a piece will cost.
  • An easy-to-follow outline sectioned by main ideas with subtopics listed is ideal.

If you need something other than what’s listed here, let’s chat. Chances are, I’m up for it. If not, I will try to recommend a writer who is.

Expected Turnaround Times

Generally, I can start writing a new piece within two weeks of receiving your briefing material.

The time to complete it depends on its length, its depth, how responsive you and other parties are or aren’t, and so on.

Estimate 5 working days for a typical 800-word blog and 10 working days for a 2,500-word, well-researched white paper. (This is in addition to the 2-3 weeks above.)

In other words, to get your content on your preferred delivery date, it's best to send me a brief at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

OR you can lock in your preferred monthly and quarterly due dates ahead of time through a prepaid retainer.

AI copy edit                                         Request Quote

Bring creativity and polish to your AI-generated content. Similar to regular editing. Because there are many various levels of editing, prices will vary, too.

Blog Post$600

Up to 600 words, with on-page SEO

Blog Post$800+

800+ words, with on-page SEO

Thought-leadership article$800+

Approx. 800 words, ghostwritten for top executives

White Paper$2500

Approx. 2,500-word research-backed paper

Ebooks, Guides $2500

Approx. 2,500-word ebook, how-to guide, etc.

Case Study$985

Approx. 850-word piece covering 1-2 discussion points. A discussion point = a pain point + its solution + benefits

Case Study (long)$1500

1,200+ word piece covering 3, 4 or more discussion points

Press Release$395+

Starting at 400 words

Interview$365 each

Interview a client, expert, or stakeholder. Added to costs above.

Website copy$600 per page

Long form Home page/About page/Service page

Website copy$385 per page

Web copy: Additional basic site pages

Landing Page$450+

Short opt-in page / sign-up page / promo page

Brochure copy$850+

NewsletterRequest Quote

Needs vary; let's chat to discuss yours

Emails$185-450+ each

Autoresponders, nurture sequences, sales sequences, etc.

Video script writing$800-2500

Explainer or how-to video script, 1-5 minutes

Sales sheet, Flyer$850+

One-page handout

copy editingEmail for quote

Send me the document for a quote


Strategic content planning