Content marketing is a core part of your sales earning strategy.
  • Use content to communicate directly with legal professionals in your target audience and earn their trust.
  • Attract more interested site visitors by promoting compelling content via social media.
  • Create and promote special offers (ebooks, guides, white papers) to encourage engagement.
  • Demonstrate the depth of your knowledge and experience by publishing authoritative content.

Your website is much more than a static corner of the internet. Regularly publishing fresh, relevant content helps your site rank higher in search results, too.


Legaltech vendors and legal support services providers must often address the views of multiple personas who have varying concerns on a single topic.

We can develop content that communicates specifically with attorneys, in-house counsel, department heads, C-suite executives, project managers, IT professionals, regulatory and compliance officers, and on and on.

Most importantly, we can do so in an engaging way by connecting your product or service to their specific needs and concerns.

Relevancy is always the key to unlocking genuine interest!

As your writer, I will do a deep dive into your current content to familiarize myself with your products, services, and capabilities as well as soak in your voice, tone, and preferred word choices so that the content I write match your brand style.

Unless you'd like to develop a whole new style. We can do that, too!

In any case, the content I write for you will:

  • Include internal links to your existing content such as case studies, blog posts, etc. when appropriate.
  • Include external links to industry research studies, surveys, statistics, quotes by authorities (who are not competitors), etc. when appropriate.
  • Adhere to the latest SEO best practices and include a title, headings, subheadings, and bullet lists that are optimized for your keywords.

CONTACT ME NOW to transform your website into a valuable asset with writing that includes the 3 C's of all great website copy:

  • Compelling copy that is targeted to your audience.

  • Concise, informative writing that resonates with readers.

  • Curiosity-evoking copy that keeps people reading.