find attorneys on social media

Finding Attorneys On Social Media

Are attorneys on social media? Where can you listen in on the issues attorneys are talking about? Are there places online they discuss their concerns? Do lawyers search for answers and look for input and solutions from others?

Other legal vendors and marketers ask the same questions. Attorney at Work conducts an annual survey asking attorneys about their social media habits and preferences. Top level agencies such as Buzzsumo also conduct research into the online activities of B2B buyers.

Legal Tech Vendors: The Value of Finding Attorneys on Social Media

attorneys on social media

Legal tech vendors have to know where to find attorneys on social media so they can listen, learn, and be a solutions provider.

Everybody wants to know where to find attorneys on social media. We can all guess about the pain points our prospects and clients deal with. Guesses can land pretty close to the target, too.

Or not. It can be a real shock to find out you thought your clients really needed X, a major selling point of yours, only to discover they care much, much more about Y and Z, two points barely on your radar.

When you find the people you want to sell your services or products to – your target audience – online, you are able to get firsthand accounts of the issues they struggle with daily. You see for yourself the questions they ask and the types of answers they seek.

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It’s crucial to truly understand their pain points and struggles. You can more readily position yourself as a solutions provider when you know exactly what their REAL problems are.

Social media allow marketers and businesses to engage directly with attorneys and others in their target audiences. If you are in the right place at the right time, you can be the voice that provides the answers attorneys are searching for. You can provide the input that helps them make important decisions.

But first, you have to know what social media platforms attorneys use most.

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