Leah Presser is the first person we think of when we are stretched too thin to write an important new piece of content, in-house. She’s been an excellent resource for the iManage Marketing Content team, and one we look forward to working with again and again. With Leah’s marketing content savvy, legal tech knowledge, and excellent writing proficiency, her work has met our high standards without exception. Mind you, I cannot overstate the value of getting a high-quality piece of content that leaves nothing out and needs minimal tweaking on the first go. As Content Editor, this alone is reason enough for me to say, “Let’s get Leah on this!” But there’s more.

Leah knows the tech landscape, our industry, and our markets, which means our SMEs can focus on their areas of expertise, filling in gaps rather than painting the whole picture, and that means more time savings for iManage.

Aside from that, Leah is a dream to work with: personable, professional, and follows our agreed timelines. Give her a solid brief and she runs with it, delivering on schedule. When, due to circumstances out of our control, we have kept her waiting for edits through long review cycles, Leah has taken it in stride. And when we realized on a recent project that we wanted the finished content in a completely different format, Leah didn’t blink — we had the rewrite in hand within a day or two and it was spot on.

I strongly recommend Leah for any project she tells you she can deliver on. She’ll come through with flying colors and you’ll quickly find yourself thinking of her as an extended part of your team.

Heidi Hanson, Content Marketing Editor, Sr. Specialist at iManage
I can't explain how impressed I am, and I can't imagine the amount of research you needed to do to pull different pieces of information together. This is exactly what we were looking for. You make it so easy to work with you when both parties are aligned on the same message and goal!
Michelle Lou, Head of Marketing at Checkbox.ai

I have had the pleasure of working with Leah since she took on the responsibility of creating all of our client-facing content in early 2021. Even after 11 years of steady profit and growth for Iridium, I was still looking for new ways to push our marketing and messaging to the next level. A trusted business partner recommended that we contact Leah. After reviewing the content she'd written for them, I knew she'd be a perfect match for Iridium.

Her writing is precise, with quality sourcing that is well laid out to tell a story. Each piece she writes hits the exact messaging we want. My voice/attitude still comes through, but with better clarity and in a more engaging style.

When I write a recommendation, I like to think about the single attribute that makes the person stand out. With Leah, it is "awesome results." Leah delivers awesome results on complex writing assignments, and all the content she has produced for us has been of exceptional quality. She is responsible for all client-facing content such as white papers, weekly client update emails, press releases, blogs, our webinar announcements, landing pages, etc. Leah juggles multiple projects and has never missed a deadline. Each piece has an engaging subject line or title, and well-thought-out content that leads to a clear call to action. The proof is in the results: since Leah has taken the lead on our writing, our email open rates have jumped 38%.

One other key skill is that Leah understands “the business of law firms.” She can produce content that is specifically targeted to our law firm readers. Leah is a pleasure to work with--knowledgeable, pleasant, organized, solution-oriented, and a consummate professional. I can give Leah my strongest recommendation for any position or engagement and would be glad to take a reference call.

Tom Jones, CEO/Founder at Iridium Technology

"If you’re looking for a professional writer who can turn seeds of ideas into engaging content that speaks directly to your customers’ needs, hire Leah. Leah intuitively understood and skillfully brought my vision to life for each writing project.

Her strong understanding of the legal market meant we started publishing new content at full speed. Getting revisions from Leah was also fast and easy, though rarely needed because she’d so often deliver exactly what we needed the first time around.

I left projects in Leah’s hands confident we’d get smartly written content that would help attract new clients. I highly recommend Leah to any legal tech company that needs authoritative marketing content to help build their credibility in a tough industry."

Olga V. Mack, VP of Strategy at blockchain/smart contract platform Quantstamp, Inc.

"The website rewrite was a game changer. We're pulling in leads very well through organic searching. The website layout is very intuitive. Potential clients know what we do right away and understand how we help them. And our messaging is working. The website uses the same words my clients say on the phone with me, so I know it resonates with visitors. "

Chuck Dart, Founder at Record Retrieval Solutions

"Leah has written some of our most stand-out blog posts, promo copy, and case studies. She also completely rewrote our website, which resulted in a major SEO victory for us when we hit page 1 in rankings for our most important keywords afterward. Our site's writing is now highly optimized for search, yet each page eloquently conveys our product’s distinct value through stories in which our clients recognize aspects of their own lives.

Leah doesn’t just condense complex material into well-crafted copy. She also studies your company, listens to your needs, and understands how to write at the highest levels required to represent our company effectively to smart legal industry professionals.

On top of all that, Leah is easy to work with, easy to reach, and consistently delivers high-quality content on time and with minimal input from me. I would recommend Leah to any legal tech vendor looking to level up in their marketing communications."

Todd Gerstein, CEO & Founder at Smart Time Apps
"We've used Leah's services as a copywriter for our blogs and whitepapers and have been delighted with her work. The copy we asked her to produce came in on time, and we got exactly what we wished for in terms of tone and content.

Overall, I'd heartily recommend her services to anyone looking for some top-notch content from a very talented author."
Yannick Duport, Marketing Manager at ZyLAB
"You've done an excellent job in capturing the heartbeat of my company!

I love the new site and look forward as we continue to make it an even stronger marketing magnet. Thank you for the fantastic work!"
Chuck Dart, Founder of Record Retrieval Solutions, Inc.
"Leah is a quick learner and is very adaptable to changes as needed. Leah has always been willing to take the ball and run with it, as at times she was even thinking ahead of me.

She has a great writing method and is always trying to make great work even better."
Troy Henson, President, Blue Kaboom Digital Marketing
"Leah is wonderful to work with as a freelancer because she is always thinking of new ways to make her work stand out.

Leah knows how to ask the right questions, which sets her up to produce detailed, fun to read and engaging stories. She is passionate about reporting and writing and her love for the work shows in her product."
Andrea Tortora, Editor, Cincinnati Business Courier
"Leah knew right away how to refresh and improve the writing on our outdated website. She is creative, easy to work with, and intuitively knows how to communicate what we want to say.

Her writing so eloquently states things worth saying."
Billy Golden, Project Coordinator, Cincinnati Exchange Project
"Leah uses her exceptional research skills to obtain the most relevant and credible information. Even more unique, Leah understands the power of the story.

She knows just the right words to keep the audience reading."
Michele Day, Northern Kentucky University
"Leah writes well and digs deep. She tells the story in a quirky, original way. Her facts are flawless and her writing smooth and eloquent."
Joe Szydlowski, Editor