Working With Me, Your Legal Content Writer

What it's like working with me

These are the general steps involved in working with me during a typical marketing copywriting project.

Of course, every client is unique with their own particular style and voice. Each project has its own needs we must consider.

But this does give you an overview of how a project flows while you're working with me. This is not to say I'm inflexible. We will discuss your time constraints and project specifications and develop a content creation plan that works for us both.

There is always a way! Because I work with only 2-3 clients at a time, you receive my full care and attention at all times.

  1.  After I receive your initial call or email, I’ll send you two questionnaires. The Client Briefing form educates me on your business. The Project Briefing form identifies the goals and needs of your project.
  2.  I’ll review your responses and conduct background research into your business.
  3.  We’ll schedule a call to discuss your project.
  4.  I'll use Hello Bonsai to send you a proposal detailing the scope and pricing of your project. You can accept the proposal online via e-signature.
  5.  When the proposal is accepted, I'll use Hello Bonsai to email you an agreement on the project's terms and conditions and our working relationship. You can also digitally sign the agreement.
  6.  I’ll use Wave to send you an invoice for a 50% deposit on the project. You can pay with PayPal, credit card, or by mailing a paper check. A 2.9% fee may apply to payments by PayPal or credit card.
  7.  After I receive your deposit, I’ll conduct market research into your products or services, competitors, customers, and positioning.
  8.  I’ll send you an outline of your project to review.
  9.  Once the outline is approved, I’ll draft the copy.
  10.  I'll send a draft for your review. I work in Google Docs, which you can also conveniently use to make suggested edits.
  11.  Based on your feedback, I'll make edits to get a final version.
  12.  You receive your final copy.
  13.  I’ll send you a questionnaire for feedback.
  14.  I'll also send a final invoice for the remaining 50% of the project's price.

Additional benefits included in every project:

  • I can recommend or work with you to find a graphic designer, videographer, website designer, SEO specialist, or social media marketer if needed.
  • I very much prefer to review the final proofs and mock-ups of your project to ensure your message is retained after any design work.