Leah Presser
Freelance LegalTech Copywriter,
Content Writer & Brand Journalist

Let's hit the ground running!

Get great writing from the word go with a writer who fully understands your audience and the legal tech market.

No waiting months for me to get up to speed with the industry. No hand-feeding me your expertise. No editing lackluster drafts hoping you can make it sound original.

Start optimizing your marketing efforts immediately with research-backed blogs, white papers, and case studies and compelling website copy, landing pages, and emails.

Articles I've ghostwritten for clients have appeared in Bloomberg Law, High Performance Counsel, and Inc.

  • Freelance journalist for 10+ years writing for publications such as the Cincinnati Business Courier
  • Specializing in legal tech writing for 2 years
  • 18 years working law firms

As your writer, I perform a deep dive into your current content and marketing assets to familiarize myself with your products, services, and capabilities as well as soak in your voice, tone, and preferred word choices so the content I write matches your brand style.

Unless you'd like to develop a whole new style. We can do that, too!

    freelance legal tech copywriter

    Leah Presser
    Freelance Legal Tech Writer

    Bachelor's Degree in Journalism

    HubSpot Certified in Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing

    Content Writing: Earn Trust & Accelerate Sales

    Your audience is savvier than most, with unique ethical, financial and process-oriented concerns.

    We'll develop content that breaks down technological jargon and communicates with attorneys, in-house counsel, department heads, C-suite executives, project managers, IT professionals, regulatory and compliance officers, etc. in the language and terms they relate to best.

    We'll show how your technology addresses their specific needs and pain points.

    We'll convey the brand value you've worked so hard to develop throughout all your copy, content and communications.

    And we'll get your prospects feeling confident and nodding their heads yes.

    Professional Legal Tech Writing

    I stay up-to-date with the many factors influencing the legal tech market such as:

    • The catalysts for and wide-ranging effects of the digital transformation.
    • How various technologies (AI, automation, data analytics, etc.) help legal professionals improve their operations and client service.
    • The different pain points and concerns of in-house counsel, law firm leaders, CTOs, CFOs, procurement officials, and so on.

    Blogs, white papers, and web pages I write for you will:

    • Include internal links to your existing content such as case studies, blog posts, etc. when appropriate.
    • Include external links to industry research studies, surveys, statistics, quotes by authorities (who are not competitors), etc. when appropriate.
    • Adhere to the latest SEO best practices and include a title, headings, subheadings, and bullet lists that are optimized for your keywords.

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