Leah Presser
Freelance Conversion Copywriter,
Marketing Content Writer & Brand Journalist

If you want your writing taken seriously, you need a writer who understands and adheres to journalistic ethics and standards.

If you want your copy to convert, you need a writer who understands and uses persuasive writing techniques.

If you want to build trust and win more sales, you need a writer who knows how to deliver both easily and effectively.

  • 10+ years as a freelance journalist
  • 18 years working in law firms
  • Bachelor's degree in Journalism
  • HubSpot Certified in Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing

"Our website rewrite resulted in a major SEO victory for us. We hit page 1 in rankings for our most important keywords and our traffic has doubled."   - Todd Gerstein, CEO at Smart Time

freelance legal tech copywriter

Leah Presser
Freelance Legal Tech Writer

How I Help You Build Trust & Win More Sales

Get insightful content from a writer who knows the ins and outs of working in law firms, large and small. I started working in law firms back when Word Perfect and fax machines were the height of legal tech.

Trust that I know how your audience feels. I've experienced firsthand the growing pains law firms leaders and staff feel when integrating new processes and technologies into existing workflows. I understand their concerns about change.

My go-to writing style is relaxed and conversational - though always highly professional.

The idea is to explain technical concepts in straightforward, concise terms, always appreciating that our audience is smart, discerning, and above all BUSY.

I stay up-to-date on the many factors influencing the legal industry, such as:

  • The effects of the digital transformation and how they drive tomorrow's needs.
  • How various technologies (AI, automation, data analytics, etc.) help legal professionals meet those needs and improve their businesses.
  • The pain points and concerns of in-house counsel, law firm leaders, CTOs, CFOs, procurement officials, and so on.

While I've learned the old-school methods for creating persuasive copy, I also stay well-informed on the latest marketing concepts and trends. I always seek new ways to create better content and promote it more effectively.

I know all the right questions to ask to get the best stories when interviewing others. I know where to find authoritative sources and how best to work supporting stats and quotes into content so they pack the most punch.

I'm well aware of the delicate intricacies involving word choice and language usage when communicating with legal professionals.

And I'm always eager to help companies like yours use the best words better and build success through engaging copy and content.

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writer for legal industry   The Difference of One More Round

There comes a point in every writing project when you know you're done. Your I’s are dotted, T’s crossed. The paragraphs flow and you’ve made your points well. Citations are linked and unnecessary or redundant language is removed.

It's the point when most writers call it a wrap. They stop writing, stop editing, and hit send.

Not me.

For me, this is the time to make a real difference. While other writers hit the “X,” I go one more round. I tighten the structure further and replace ordinary verbs with action words. I make sure we use descriptive details and precise terms instead of vague language.

This is the time to validate every point we've made and ask, “What else?” To look up additional research. To confirm that the writing is as interesting, compelling, and clear as possible.

It's the time to make sure that the project’s purpose is met with distinctive, fresh language that positions your company as an authoritative, trusted resource, a trendsetter others can only hope to follow, or whatever brand image you wish to portray.

What other writers offer as a final piece, I consider a “pretty good” draft.

See the difference one more round makes in your marketing.

How Freelance Copywriting Works

1 Contact me to discuss your needs and how I can help. We'll develop a client-centric approach to help you better engage your target audience.

2We'll discuss the proper content formats for your needs, which topics to write about, and the distribution platforms your audience prefers.

3You decide how little or how much you want to be involved in drafting and editing copy. I ensure your unique voice is heard in everything we create.

Still curious? Read a step-by-step description of what it's like working with me.