An experienced legal marketing copywriter and certified content marketer who has worked with attorneys for two decades.

Get noticed, connect naturally with legal professionals, earn their trust, and win more sales.

My background, education, and experience make me the ideal copywriter for legal vendors.

  • 18 years working in law firms
  • Bachelor's in Journalism
  • Certified in Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing
  • Experienced freelance journalist
  • Experienced legal marketing content writer

You get insightful content from someone who knows the ins and outs of working in law firms, large and small. I started working in law firms back when Word Perfect and fax machines were the height of legal tech.

Trust that I know how your audience feels. I've experienced firsthand the growing pains law firms go through when integrating new processes and technologies into existing workflows. I understand their concerns about change.

Feel confident that your content addresses real buying concerns. As a law office manager, I routinely evaluated and selected products and services for firm use - from practice management software to IT service providers and from court reporters, copy services, to pens, paper and everything in between. I established and maintained relationships with legal vendors just like you.

I know your clients' pain points and needs intimately. I can put myself in your clients' shoes so readily because they're right here in my closet. (Seriously, I still wear them.)

Leah Presser

Journalism B.A.
(magna cum laude)

On Becoming a Copywriter for Legal Vendors

During many of the 20 years I worked in the legal profession, I also wrote articles "on the side" as a freelance journalist. I occasionally wrote about legal industry topics and almost always wrote about business in general.

I gained valuable experience not only in storytelling but also in collaborating with sources and editors, digging for the most credible information, and interviewing well to draw out the most interesting information.

When I finally pursued writing full-time, I branched out in a big way. I wrote a lot of marketing content about wildly diverse topics such as neuroscience, real estate, blockchain technology, pet beds, and so on.

I was getting paid, but I felt . . . unsettled. Disconnected somehow.

I had yet to find a niche where I could write authentically for an audience I knew well and discuss topics I could personally relate to.

Then, I stumbled upon an article about ediscovery.

It connected my decades of legal experience to the work I love best: Writing. It was like opening the door to a room where my whole family stood with welcoming smiles. (And cake. There should always be cake.)

I dived in headfirst, reading more about our legal industry, finding familiar words describing common struggles I instantly recognized and solutions that resonated with my own experiences.

I am now at home in these exciting times of change and technological advancements in the legal world, writing about and discussing topics I care deeply about.

I continue to educate myself on the legal industry's latest advancements. I stay well-informed on marketing trends, always seeking new ways to create better content and promote it more effectively. And I'm always eager to help legal vendors like you use the best words better to build success through great copy and content.

Because the right words have the power to change your story.

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Working together.

1 Contact me to discuss your needs and how I can help. We'll develop a client-first approach to determine goals that help you better reach your target audience.

2We'll discuss the proper content formats for your needs, which topics to write about, and the distribution platforms your audience prefers.

3You decide how little or how much you want to be involved in drafting and editing copy. I ensure your unique voice is heard in everything we create.

Still curious? Read a step-by-step description of what it's like working with me.

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