Legal Tech Marketing, Content & Copy Writer

Content marketing for legal technology vendors

As a legal technology vendor, you face intense competition and the need to constantly innovate. 

I can help set your brand apart in today's challenging, often skeptical market.

Dominate the field with compelling marketing content that attracts clients, illustrates your technology's advantages, and positions you as a thought leader.

Speak directly to the needs of legal professionals through clear, concise writing.

Earn trust with engaging, error-free content that highlights your insights and gain the recognition to attain a higher profile.

Let me help you create content that gets noticed and generates buzz.

"The proof is in the results: since Leah has taken the lead on our writing, our email open rates have jumped 38%. Leah delivers awesome results on complex writing assignments, and all the content she has produced for us has been exceptional. I can give Leah my strongest recommendation for any position or engagement."

Tom Jones, CEO/Founder at Iridium Technology
Leah Presser legal tech writer

Legal Technology Marketing Content

Thought-Leadership Articles

Share your expertise through insightful articles that position you as an industry authority.

Content I've ghostwritten for clients appears in:
Bloomberg LawForbes, MIT Computational Law Report, Artificial Lawyer,
ACC Docket, Above the Law, Legal Futures, and other publications.

Website Copy

Differentiate your brand with impactful content
about your innovative solutions and unique value proposition. 

My work for SmartTime doubled their website traffic and

helped them achieve page 1 ranking for key legal tech keywords. 

White Papers, Case Studies & Guides

Leverage my understanding of legal tech trends and buyer personas to address the varied concerns of multiple decision-makers with informative blog posts, research-backed white papers, illuminating case studies, and helpful guides and ebooks.

"Leah knows the tech landscape, our industry, and our markets ... I cannot overstate the value of getting a high-quality piece of content that leaves nothing out and needs minimal tweaking on the first go." 
Heidi Hanson, Content Editor, iManage

"Leah's strong understanding of the legal market meant we started publishing new content at full speed."  Olga V. Mack, CEO, Parley Pro

Emails, Newsletters & Social Media

Evoke curiosity and build relationships with captivating emails, newsletters, and social media posts.

I helped establish and grow one legal tech thought leader’s newsletter to 14,000 subscribers by writing captivating content that fosters community and audience engagement.

I helped the CEO of  Iridium Technology raise email open rates by 38%
through compelling subject lines, clear and concise copy, and optimal email formatting.

Legal tech topics I write about most often include:

  • Law firm, case, matter, and legal department management and legal process automation
  • Ediscovery, Information Governance, FOIA & Public Records Disclosures
  • Contract lifecycle management software, review & analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Data Analysis, Automation
  • Regulatory Compliance, Cyber Security, Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR, CCPA)
  • Web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse
  • The state of the legal industry; the impact of cultural change and other market forces
  • Legal technology trends; digital transformation; change management

See for yourself!

Read content I've written for legal tech vendors over the years.

Additional writings on a variety of law technology topics are available upon request.

Get consistently strong, compelling legal tech marketing content that:

✒️ Builds awareness & generates demand in current and new markets.

✒️ Resonates with multiple members of target audiences (attorneys, CTOs, CIOs, CFOs, etc.)

✒️ Gets more clicks and signups for email lists, webinars, demos, and discovery calls.

✒️ Earns higher search rankings using SEO for competitive keywords.

✒️ Increases sales by capturing new leads and building trust, brand affinity, and customer loyalty.

LegalTech Copywriter Leah Presser

"Leah's strong understanding of the legal market meant we started publishing new content at full speed. I left projects in Leah’s hands confident we’d get smartly written content that would help attract new clients. I highly recommend Leah to any legal tech company that needs authoritative marketing content to help build their credibility in a tough industry."

Olga V. Mack, VP of Strategy at blockchain/smart contract platform Quantstamp, Inc.
"You've done an excellent job in capturing the heartbeat of my company. The website rewrite was a gamechanger!"
Chuck Dart, President, Record Retrieval Solutions
"Leah doesn’t just condense complex material into well-crafted copy. She also studies your company, listens to your needs, and understands how to write at the highest levels required to represent our company effectively to smart legal industry professionals."
Todd Gerstein, CEO & Founder of Smart Time Apps
"I strongly recommend Leah for any project she tells you she can deliver on. She’ll come through with flying colors and you’ll quickly find yourself thinking of her as an extended part of your team."

Heidi Hanson, Content Editor, iManage
"I can't explain how impressed I am, and I can't imagine the amount of research you needed to do to pull different pieces of information together. This is exactly what we were looking for.”
Michelle Lou, Head of Marketing at