Legal Tech Copywriter, Content Writer & Brand Journalist

Start conversations. Inspire action. Drive demand.

Leah Presser, Legal Tech Journalist

I specialize in writing marketing content for legal technology vendors who need to stand out in a crowded market.

I show your customers how they'll benefit from your products and services and build trust through:

  • Compelling Website Copy

    Capture attention and inspire curiosity with distinctive website copy and compelling landing pages.

  • Informative Blogs, White Papers & Case Studies

    Address the many, varied concerns of multiple levels of decision-makers with informative blog posts, research-backed white papers, illuminating case studies, and helpful guides and ebooks.

  • Engaging Emails & Sales Collateral

    Authentically connect with prospects in engaging emails, sales letters, flyers and brochures.

Legal technology vendors hire me to write content that:

✒️ Builds awareness & generates demand in current and new markets.

✒️ Resonates with various members of their target audience.

✒️ Gets more clicks and more signups for email lists, webinars, demos, and discovery calls.

✒️ Earns higher rankings for competitive keywords.

✒️ Increases sales by capturing new leads and building relationships with clients.

LegalTech Copywriter Leah Presser

Law technology topics I write about most often include:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Data Analysis, Automation
  • Cloud Services (eg. SaaS vs On-Premises), Cyber Security, Data Privacy, GDPR, HIPAA
  • Ediscovery, Information Governance, Regulatory Compliance, FOIA & Public Records Disclosures
  • Practice Management, Case Management, Time & Billing, Contract Management
  • The state of the legal industry, cultural changes and market forces; law technology trends; the digital transformation

We'll influence decision-makers with writing that clearly demonstrates the benefits your technology delivers.

See for yourself!

Read content I've written for legal tech vendors over the years.

Additional writings on a variety of law technology topics are available upon request.

"You've done an excellent job in capturing the heartbeat of my company."

Chuck Dart, President at Record Retrieval Solutions
"She completely rewrote our website, which resulted in a major SEO victory when we hit page 1 in rankings for our most important keywords afterward."
Todd Gerstein, Smart Time Co-Founder

"I'd heartily recommend her services to anyone looking for some top-notch content from a very talented author."

Yannick Duport, Marketing Manager at ZyLAB

I write marketing copy and content that gets results for:

  • Legal Technology Vendors

    eDiscovery, Contract Automation & Analytics, Practice and Case Management software, Timekeeping & Billing, Document Automation, SaaS Cloud technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Process Automation, and more.

Law Technology Content Writing that Gets Noticed

Law firm, legal department, and corporate leaders aren’t about to do all the digging necessary to uncover what makes your technology special or different.

You have to bring that information to the forefront yourself, and the intelligent, natural use of language is your sharpest tool for doing so.

Words are the bridge over which we build understanding and trust. We can use them to educate, yes, but also to evoke curiosity and desire and inspire action.

Communicating with a creative, interesting voice is like waving a neon green flag in the dull brown field that is legal tech marketing today.

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