Legal Tech Marketing Copy & Content Writer

I write marketing copy and online content legal technology vendors use to win over attorneys, corporate counsel, and top executives.

Need may drive prospects to your door. But it takes time and excellent communication skills to earn their trust.

If you're ever going to convince them you're better than the rest -- more efficient, more affordable, more user friendly -- you've got to make them want to come in, take their shoes off, and stay awhile.

That's what I do. I help you pull readers in through writing that grabs them by the hand and says, "Follow me. I know the way."

When writing conveys promise, readers feel confident it's worth sticking around to see what they'll learn.

Get compelling content and persuasive copy that draws prospects in and makes them say those magic words more often: "Yes! Tell me more."

Legal Marketing Copywriter Leah Presser

Copywriting and content writing services that attract, convince, and convert legal professionals.

Content Strategy

Legal marketing requires special considerations and a targeted approach. Get expert insights from an experienced legal administrator, journalist, and certified content writer.

Content Writing

Web pages, blog posts, ebooks, case studies, newsletters, white papers, and other content that attracts and informs readers and establishes your authority.

Promotional Copy

Emails, landing pages, flyers, brochures, social media posts and other copy designed to compel readers to take action and engage with your business.

Legal Technology Copy & Content Writing that Gets Noticed

"Save time, money, and effort. Get more accurate results." 

It’s the common refrain in legal tech's marketing ballad.

Once you start saying those words, you sound like every other legal technology vendor in existence.

Just another horn in the cacophony nobody would miss if it stopped playing. 

Law firm, legal department, and corporate leaders aren’t about to do all the digging necessary to uncover what makes you special or different.

You have to bring that information to the forefront yourself, and the clever use of language is your sharpest tool for doing so.

Words are the bridge over which we build understanding and trust. We can use them to educate, yes, but also to evoke desire and inspire action.

Communicating with a creative, interesting voice is like waving a neon pink flag in the dull brown field that is legal tech marketing today. Read more about How Good Writing Helps Legal Tech Vendors Win Clients.

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Here are a few writing projects I've completed for legal vendors and businesses over the years. Have a look. You'll want some for yourself.

"You've done an excellent job in capturing the heartbeat of my company."

Chuck Dart, President at Record Retrieval Solutions
"Leah knows how to ask the right questions, which sets her up to produce detailed, fun to read and engaging stories."
Andrea Tortora - former editor, Cincinnati Business Courier

"I'd heartily recommend her services to anyone looking for some top-notch content from a very talented author."

Yannick Duport, Marketing Manager at ZyLAB

I write marketing copy and content that gets results for:

  • Legal Technology Vendors

    Practice and case management software, e-discovery systems, cyber security, time tracking and billing software, cloud computing, legal research, AI technologies, mobile apps, and more.

  • Legal Industry Vendors

    Businesses that sell products and services to law firms such as document review assistance, trial preparation, video presentations, court reporting, depositions, transcription, records management, etc.

  • Legal Support Services Providers

    Law office management, supplies, litigation support, document assembly, password management, virtual assistance, staffing services and support, communications, CLE programs, and so on.